Arapahoe High School class of 1972 - 30th Reunion
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Arapahoe High School Class of 1972
30-Year Reunion September 13-15, 2002

Check Out the R.S.V.P. List*

Check out all of our classmates who have registered and confirmed that they definitely will attend our 30th Reunion. Register and get your name on the list today!

Note: The RSVP list below has been transferred from This list will be edited once a week or so. We hope to see YOUR name on this list SOON!

Top R.S.V.P. List Posted June 22, 2002
Newest RSVPs added August 10, 2002



Sharon Kuethe
Connie Koch
Leslie Newby
Kim Bright
Cathy Goorman
Richard Thompson
Richard Vranich
Therese Rich
Debbie Cope
Sue Sciba
Ralph Jones
Tom Tapp
Ted Springston
Taube Sauer
Shane Morrison
Jim Uhrlaub
Ed Gleason
Scott Hedrick
Deana Smischny
Barbara Faylor
Mary Lilja
Paul Steiner
John Pugh
Boyd Maser
Nardi Dunn
Kathy Love
Greg Morgan
Ross Leake
Bill Chapman
Claudia Hindes
Paul Schmied
Coleen Sullivan
Lani Davis
Alan Cashion
Bob Wolfe
Mike Henderson
Doug Hoff
H.D. Martin
Alan Cockrell




Robert Almer
Rosalyn Montgomery
Ann Leadbeater
Susie Vieregg
Randy Bennett
Bruce Georgen
Rosemary Walker
Tim Keaten
Renee DeRose
Susie Baker
Doug Hunt
Doug Craig
Gary Moore
Joni Swiers
Tina Gregory
Mark Hawkins
Sue Martinez
Karin Corell
Greg Barker
Ann Kerr
Cathy Bouchard
Sue Hopwood
Mark Paschall
Kevin Haislip
Todd Fenner
Laurie Johnson
Debbi Bellmann
Patricia Foster
Rick Smischny
Karin Emerson
Kathy Schoonover
Cindy Hoover
Mary Stake
Randy Erickson
Doug Ficca
Greg Glass
Claudia Henry
Lynn Novitsky
Mary Sedivy



Additions to RSVP List: June 7, 2002



Tim Arbough
Johnette Crowley
Kathy Sylvester
Sue Dunahay
Vicky Hovey
Vicki Meyer
Steve English
Randi Lund
Shelley France




Barbara Mizones
Jay Brady
Carolyn Greenhouse
Laurie Neukirch
Cheryl Lane
Bruce Roberts
Vicki Temple
Chuck Steyaert
Gene Jolley



Additions to our RSVP List: June 17, 2002



Ron Sullivan
Brian O'Malley
Melanie Williams
Bruce Hallowell
Joan Leonard
Mike Suder
Mike LaGrone Irvin
Kari Berg
Brad Molenaar
David Hahn
Joe Dolan
Tricia Annese
Kathy Potter
Brad Ferguson
Marci Myers
Mary DeBenedetti
Rhonda Roth




Debbie Castro
Barry Smith
Julie Harp
Karin Corell
Jean Goorman
Ed Gleason
Joan Puryear
Bill Worman
Jim Little
Sue Hume
Carol Mabary
Debbie Peterson
John Jones
Tim Sarmo
Diana Holland
Kathi Holland ('73)
Carol Altes ('73)



Additions to our RSVP List: August 10, 2002



Susan Oleson
Jackie Phelps
Marcia Smith
Martha Fox
Jackie Fair
Nancy Jorgensen
Kim Thomas
Ann Stanko
Melissa Dimney




Cliff Riedel
Tim Prenger
Jan Doty Prenger (Class 73)
Steve Creager
Sue Egerter Creager
Roz Montgomery
Robert Kauffman
Bobbee Bereman
George Powell



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Desperately Seeking Missing Classmates!

Over the past 30 years, we've lost track of some of our cherished classmates. Check out our online missing classmates list and see if you, or anyone you know, is on the list, and let us know where to find you! We want to make sure everyone receives information about the reunion.

E-mail us at, or phone Susan Martinez Glass at 720-344-7519