Arapahoe High School class of 1972 - 30th Reunion
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Arapahoe High School in 1972
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Arapahoe High School Class of 1972
30-Year Reunion September 13-15, 2002

Music Nostalgia
Denver Area Concerts 1969-1972

Following is a mere sampling of concerts held in the Denver area from 1969-1972.
Which ones did YOU make it to? (Which of these can you remember?)


June 27/Friday. "The Denver Pop Festival," Mile High Stadium: Aum / The Flock / Zephyr / Iron Butterfly / Mothers Of Invention

June 28/Saturday. Big Mama Thornton / Sweetwater / Tim Buckley / Poco / Johnny Winter

June 29/Saturday. Rev. Cleophus Robinson / Joe Cocker / Zephyr / CCR / Jimi Hendrix Experience

September 1. Jimi Hendrix, Red Rocks

November 29. CSNY, Denver Coliseum

Also in 1969: B.B. King / Terry Reid / The Rolling Stones, Fieldhouse Univ. of Northern Colorado, Ft. Collins - A "Tuneup" gig for the national tour.


March 25. Led Zeppelin, Denver Auditorium Arena

April. The Doors, Univ. of Denver Auditorium

May 12. CSNY, Denver Coliseum

May 15, 16. Blues Image / Shocking Blue / Mountain, Mammoth Gardens

May 22, 23. Fever Tree / Eric Burdon & War

May 23. Wilbert Harrison / Ike & Tina Turner Revue / Creedence Clearwater Revival, Denver Coliseum

June 2, 3. Frummox / Sandy Bull, unknown venue

June 5, 6. Gypsy / Pentangle / Spirit, Mammoth Gardens

June 9. The Who, Mammoth Gardens

December 11. The Moody Blues, Denver Coliseum


February 20. We Five, Marvelous Marv's

February 27. Black Sabbath/Mountain, Denver Coliseum

March 14. Savoy Brown/The Faces, Denver Coliseum

March 18. Jo Mama / Carole King / James Taylor, Denver Auditorium

April 10. Canned Heat, Univ. of Denver Arena

April 11. Cat Stevens, Denver Auditorium Theater

April 15. Arlo Guthrie, Denver Auditorium

April 19. Bloodrock / Grand Funk Railroad, Denver Coliseum

April 29. Elton John, Denver Auditorium

May 16, 17. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Regis College

May 28. The James Gang / Quicksilver Messenger Service, Denver Coliseum

May 30. Zephyr, Student Union, Univ. of Denver

July 6 (or Aug 9th). Chase / Stephen Stills, Red Rocks Amphitheater

July 18, 20. Chicago

August 28. Judy Collins, Red Rocks Amphitheater

September 5. Freddie King / Leon Russell, Denver Coliseum

September 28, 29. Santana, Denver Coliseum

October 29. Zephyr, Auditorium-Univ. of Denver

November 1. Ten Years After, Denver Coliseum

November 6. John Denver, Denver Auditorium

November 7. Richie Havens, Denver Auditorium

November 23. Cat Stevens, Denver Coliseum

December 4, 5. The Who, Denver Coliseum


June 21. Led Zeppelin, Denver Coliseum

July 25. Manassas, Denver Coliseum

August 3. The Eagles, Denver Coliseum

August 3. ELO, Denver (?)

September 19. Pink Floyd, Fieldhouse, Univ. of Denver

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Rolling Stones!


Polling Update - Best Songs

We've tabulated the results from our favorite songs polls. Please vote for the songs you'd like to hear at the reunion events from the updated play list below.

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Top 400 Songs 1969-72
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