Arapahoe High School class of 1972 - 30th Reunion
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Arapahoe High School in 1972
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Missing Classmates









Arapahoe High School Class of 1972
30-Year Reunion September 13-15, 2002

Missing Classmates
List last updated July 13, 2002

The Reunion Committee has been unable to locate mailing addresses for the following classmates. If you know where any of these people are, please e-mail us at with any contact info you have. (The reunion committee is offering prizes for folks who locate the most missing classmates.)

If you are not on this list, but you haven't received a mailed invitation, it isn't because we've overlooked you. It means that we sent an invitation to your old address, or to some innocent bystander who happens to have the name as you do! Please contact us! E-mail us at, or phone Susan Martinez Glass at 720-344-7519 TODAY!


Gerard Bellas
Sandra Beresford
Randall Best
Cynthia Boss Woodworth
Johnette Boyd
Martha Brace
Karey Bradley
Karen Brekke
Pamela Brettmann Goodhue
Connie Brewer
Marguerite Brinkman
Gina Broermann
Steven Brownell

Diane Carroll
David Case
Jan Cassin
Susan Clarke
Mark Collier
Debra Cook Jennings
Sherry Crump Jowers

Carolyn Davis
Terrie Day
David DeRocher
Steven Donald
Karen Dunning Benkley
Karen Dye

Donna Eissler
Barbara Erickson
Denton Peter Erickson
Steven Erickson

Robin Faison
Gayle Faucett
Jeffrey Fisher
Louis Flores
John Foreman
Carl Fryman

Linda George
Daborah Gibbons
Michael Giovannucci
Richard Gosselink
Mark Gottman
Robert Grant
Thomas Graves
Debra Gray
Harrison Gray Jr.

Sandra Haire
Mary Hagerty
Gary Hakes
Mary Hall
Karen Halls
Cynthia Harr
Charlotte Hawes
Philip Heacock
Cindy Heath
Ana Henriquez
Walter Henry
Gary Herin
Angela Hightower
Phyllis Hoke
William Holt
Jon Hopkins
Rick Hoppe
Donna Hyde

Gary Ito

Marie Joeckel Bradford
Gregory Johnsen
Paula Johnson
William Johnson

Kay Kaylor
Karen Lynne Kemp
Denise Marie Kwiatkowksi

Carol Jean Larrabee
Pamela Lee Laycock
Maria Tethan Ledger
Stephen Dean LeFree
Stephen Warren Linde
Sandy Long
Linda Cecelia Lucas
Steven Gordon Luhm
Wayne Glenn Lunderby
Laura Rae Lutz



Gwenda Lee Major
Alice Marie Maroney
Lee Raymond Marsh
Debra Ann Martin Berry
Cynthia Cay Martinez
Leigh Kenny McDonnell
Edward Arthur Merel
Lisa L. Meyer
Noelene Marie Mickelson
John Gregory Miller
John Raymond Miller
Yvonne Marie Miller
Beth Moore
Linda Kaye Muir
Elizabeth Emma Mullen Boone
William Ernest Murray
John Myers

Eileen Marie Nobles
Kathleen Leslie Norman
Ingrid Ann Nyberg

John Way O'Brien
Shaun Thomas O'Brien
Juli Ann Olson
Wendy Leah Orem Wilson
Laurie Kathleen Osborne

Debbi Sue Peterson
Patricia Ann Peterson
Steven Carney Peterson
Larry Steven Pierce
Viviane June Price

Kim Ann Randolph
Matthew Albert Redling
John Taylor Reed
Linda June Reynolds
Lucia Del Carmen Riosa
Nancy Carol Risch
Sherry Lee Ritter Morrison
Michael Eugene Rosenberg
Raul Rossell
Arleen Kate Roth
Patricia Jeanne Runels
Jim Rutherford

Mary Frances Salby
Linda Kay Schmidt
Rolf Detlef Schmidt
Ann Louise Schrader
Ingrid Barbara Scott
John David Sexton
Patricia Diane Shaw
Stephen Lee Slagle
Charles Arthur Smiley
Everett William Smith
Kim Leslie Smith
Steven Edward Smith
Victoria Lynn Smith
Charlotte Kathryn Smyth
Deborah Lee Snead
Robert Carl Stevenson
Carla Jewell Stonbraker
Roy Thomas Stone
David Eugene Stott
Debra Ann Strawser
Linda North Suttle

James Gregory Tardy
Tomoko Tazawa
Maria Kim Teflian
Maria Tethan Ledger
Nancy Elizabeth Thomas
Kimberlee Ann Thornton
Michael Glenn Thornton
Karen Lee Tomasko

Sue Ellen Vandenberg
Teresa Vogt Bray

Debra Ann Wackerly
Jill Wagner
Deborah Ann Walsh
Nancy Walters
Michael Whitby
Arthur William Walton
Ronald Alan Warner
Dennis Edward Webster
Sharyl Ann Whitaker
Chris White
Scott Miller White
Suzanne Williams
Dawn Rose Winans
Vicki Lynn Wissinger
Jerry Woods



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